regaining composure

Feeling much better now…after having a minor break down when I realized the asparagus and squash I had planned on cooking with dinner tonight were nowhere to be found, my wonderful husband offered to go get dinner since, as I informed him, I was so hungry and it was getting late and I was tired of frozen vegetables. When he gently pointed out that while it was too bad about the vegetables, we could figure something else out, I pitifully mumbled, “It’s not about the vegetables.” It was really about a long day and fatigue and hunger and wondering what kind of sister (me!) doesn’t allow enough time to get her bridesmaid dress altered for her own sister’s wedding (doh!) and nervousness over my evaluation.

Christopher to the rescue! He went to pick up dinner while I went over my lesson (again), got dinner ready, and put on White Christmas, right at the part where we had left off the other night. He even fast forwarded the annoyingly long, random dance sequence that he knows I don’t like, and then paused it just long enough to cut, microwave, and ice a piece of gingerbread cake for each of us. It’s a charmed life being the wife of Chris O’Connor, I can tell you.

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