kitchen EXPLOSION!

I know it’s so annoying of me to keep doing two posts in one day, but this really merits a post. Even Chris thought so.

So I caused an explosion in the kitchen tonight. Ooops.

The up side is that this is my first really big kitchen mess-up. The down side is that it took forever to clean up, ruined a dish, some sausage, a dish towel, and most importantly, the ginger bread cake that we have been enjoying so much.

I was trying to cook some sausage, but I accidentally turned on the wrong burner. The one I turned on happened to have on it a covered pyrex dish with the ginger bread cake (the one that was so delicious, that I was so proud of, and that we had only eaten a third of…) Luckily, I was across the kitchen when I heard a sound like a gunshot. I was completely shocked at first because I couldn’t imagine what the noise could possiby be.

I soon discovered that the pyrex dish had completely exploded. I couldn’t believe that the close proximity of the ginger bread to the sausage burner could cause such an explosion, but then I realized that the gingerbread burner was red-hot, and the sausage burner was not on. Ai-yi-yi, I’m a complete moron. All the confidence I’ve been building in my ability to cook will take a long time to rebuild after this idiot incident. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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