merry christmas

“Dear Santa,
How are you? Well I am feeling good. I have a list that I want to send you but I don’t know were it is. Maby I will find it next year. I hope I can find it soon. Well I’d love to help you but I cant
your friend

I find myself caught between wanting to give this little angel credit for her writing but also wanting to not use her name, so I decided I better stick with the change the name policy.

But anyway, isn’t this letter just too much??

Last week, one of my little ones was having a rough morning and took and ate a snack (a honeybun) from another student. He was upset, the other student was upset, and I had to talk to them both at length about it. He wrote her an apology letter and after he apologized, they both seemed ok. The next day, the offender sat reading on my big read chair when the victim came trotting into the room, happy as a lark. She casually tossed a honeybun to the offender, keeping one for herself as she continued walking back to her seat. I almost cried at the beauty of her action. Not only did she forgive him and see past his wrongdoing to the motive of his actions (hunger), but she preserved his dignity in the quiet, casual grace with which she forgave him. This was one of the little moments I count myself lucky to have witnessed, much as I would if I had just seen a spectacular sunrise. The public school system has its faults and all the people involved have their faults, but sometimes I get to glimpse such beauty unfolding as these little people act out their growing understanding of what it means to be kind, good, and decent people.

That said, this is the extent to which I plan to think about school over the next two weeks, so here’s Mrs. O’Connor, signing off for the holidays. I’m happily spending some quality time with my wonderful family, knowing how very blessed I am this Christmas season, and thankful for the greatest gift given to us through the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas to all and may the Lord bless you and keep you and grant you the privilege of witnessing beautiful moments.

2 responses to “merry christmas”

  1. Good idea – some distance and strong distracters. Hope yall have a lovely xmas. We will have the blended group of progeny + others here tomorrow am. How glorious is that?A moment to reflect on grace: one of the myriad reasons I detest all or every language in teaching is that all events are weighed summatively and equally. Plus, the notion that all/every kid can be brought to a generic place at a scheduled time. Doyle called teaching “event-centered” – built around incidents, events and moments. It certainly feels so in a memory sense, as you tell stories and share parables of teaching, the meaning of this life is disclosed.Some would have it otherwise. They would “measure” teaching not in teaspoons and moments, but only in final outcomes. Sort of like measuring a marriage on how we sum up its total worth on the day of death. We don’t experience it thusly, nor can we grow in/through it if these moments are valued only as assets/debits in some running account.It’s not that the cumulative or summative doesn’t matter, a lot. But to live thusly is to miss the signs of possibility and to overlook moments of express beauty. OK, enough.Have a most joyous but relaxing holiday.


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