I had been dreading today for a while because 3rd – 5th graders were testing, which meant for us no recess, no specials, absolute silence in the hallways, and near silence in the classroom all day long. I can’t complain too much because this is still way better than being a teacher who had to actually administer the test, but no planning period and keeping the kids quiet all day makes for a very long day. However, we actually had a really good day. I was SO proud of my kiddos! They were fantastic. I know it was hard for them to have to be quiet all day and not have the chance to run around and play outside on such a beautiful day, but they were incredible. It’s funny, it seems like such a small thing, but I was so happy with them for such a great day. I really do have a great class.

2 responses to “hurray!”

  1. Probably because they have such a good teacher . . .


  2. Ha! I don’t know about that…


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