I’m done!! Yay!! After hurriedly finishing up our zillion page check out sheet we had to have initialed before leaving school, my teammates and I raced out of the school parking lot (carrying an odd assortment of the types of things teachers take home for the summer) to catch a movie together at Studio Movie Grill to celebrate the two summer birthdays on our team. Yesterday was so busy and frantic I didn’t even have time to feel sad saying goodbye to my kids, and today was so rushed at the end I didn’t have time to feel too sentimental about leaving for the summer. I paused for a fraction of a second before leaving my classroom for the last time this school year and feel appreciative of the class I’ve had. I returned from the movie feeling so thankful and a little bit in awe at how a group of very different people with different experiences, personalities, tastes, styles of teaching, etc. can get along, help each other out, continue to appreciate one another, and genuinely enjoy each other. I’m so happy about the way we pulled together during stressful situations, including difficult personal experiences, to make life a little easier for each other and that we can trust each other enough to rely on one another. It was such a pleasure working with each of my teammates, and I’m so excited we will all be returning to the same team next year.

And now, yay summer!!!

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