back to life

Thanks to all of you who have prayed so diligently and with such compassion for baby Life. She is doing so well and may even get to go home this weekend!! She is on the lowest level of oxygen but not quite ready to be completely off of that. The bleeding in her brain has not changed, but the ventricles in her brain have begun to get smaller, which is good and will probably continue to be a slow process. I got to see her on Sunday and she is so beautiful! See Matt and Lauren’s website for more information and pictures:

Thanks again for your prayers! It is a mystery to me how God chooses whom to heal, but His ways are higher than our ways. I know He is a God of healing and a God of compassion, so let His name be praised for the mighty work He has done (and will continue to do!) in baby Life. May He be glorified in this and in all that happens throughout all of Life’s years.

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