big girl

So I guess little girl is bigger than we thought; we went to the vet yesterday and found out that little Callie is a whopping 34 pounds!! Whew. Good news is that the vet thinks she’ll only get to about 50 pounds, which we were glad to hear because several people had said they wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being 60 or 70. He said she could be part Australian Shepherd or Border Collie because of the markings on her feet, but that her easy-going temperment made her seem most like a lab. I was so proud of her; the vet said she didn’t complain at all during the whole exam when they took her back to look her over more thoroughly. She’s been happy to have us at home this weekend after we were at work all week. We met up with Aunt Mon and Uncle Dan and cousins Kate and Ella (Monica’s dogs) to go for a walk on Katy Trail in Dallas. We had never been on it before and had a nice time. Callie was a bit wary of all the bike riders zooming by and still doesn’t exactly walk in a straight line on her leash, but otherwise was very well behaved.

School has been insanely busy, especially with all the new changes in our curriculum this year. I was there till 6:30 Friday night, seemingly after everyone else in the building was gone except for the custodians. I really want to start coming home earlier because I’m starting to get burned out putting in so many hours and am getting some kind of cold or allergy thing. The kids are learning our routines better, which is nice. This year feels quite different than the past two years, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is yet. I think I feel like I’m spending more time worrying about the curriculum and lesson plans than the kids themselves… yikes. Hopefully that will get better as I’m getting the hang of our new lesson plans and routines.

I’m getting excited about our Thanksgiving trip but a bit concerned about what we’re going to do with Callie while we’re gone… anyone interested in dog sitting for a week? She’s super sweet… I mean just look at her! ;0)

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