good things, bad things

Good things about today:
1. Sleeping in
2. Church (good sermon about money)
3. Time to be lazy
4. Complete lack of school (guess this goes with #3)
5. Yummy pasta pot dinner

Not so good things about today:
1. Fender bender (Chris was driving and someone turned in front of us.)
2. Callie destroyed one of my beloved Dr. Seuss books. (AND it was even on a bookshelf. That’s right, that little rascal pulled it off the shelf and completely destroyed it. Yes, I realize it’s pretty easy to replace, but I’ve been collecting these one book per year at Christmas since high school. I probably had even written the date when I got it on the inside. I know, I’m a freak about books. But does this mean that none of my books are safe now??)
3. Sunday night blues
4. Sherwin Williams was closed by the time we got there after the fender bender, so we didn’t get primer to work on the kitchen.

Good things about life in general:
1. my Jesus
2. my husband
3. my puppy (she’s usually very well-behaved)
4. family
5. friends
6. having a good job
7. having a house that I love
8. fall and cooler evenings
9. the fact that we got to have a very lazy, relaxed weekend
10. new episodes of The Office (I LOVE Thursday nights!)
11. the “never-ending Myth Busters marathon” that was on last night… seriously. It was so funny. One of them showed a hot water heater exploding and shooting through the roof of a mini-house they built. A small part of me wanted to stay up all night watching it. Also it reminded me of the exploding whale video we watched in 11th grade physics, which I found on youtube and got to show to Chris–it was a beached whale carcass filled with explosives. A.Maze.Ing. Gross but somehow so funny to think about.

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