great things…

…about this week:

1. Vacation!!

2. Chris has off too and we have–get ready!–NO plans until Friday! How awesome is that?? That happens pretty much never.

3. My birthday is on Friday.

4. Birthday swing dancing

5. Sleeping in

6. It’s ok if the house is messy.

7. We don’t have to leave Callie (the puppy) all day since we don’t have work this week.

8. New Year’s Eve

9. Crazy good sales coupled with actually having time to go shopping

10. Baking (and having time to bake) banana bread, among other good things

11. Wearing pajamas until times of the day that are too embarrassing to post here

12. Going out to dinner with friends on week nights

Hurray for time to relax with Chris and Callie! Yipee!!

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