A note I received from one of my little darlings who has been trying so very hard to get her work done:

Outside of the card says “thanks” and the inside says “Thanks VERY much!” On the left, she has drawn a picture of a rainbow and a sort of heart person under it. She adds:

“For teaching me, I really apreciate it. You always cheer me up. I really feel good about that. You are the best teacher in the world.” The handwriting is perfect, every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period… this was no small feat.

Said note was accompanied with a pretty little beaded bracelet that she had made for me, and her mom came to tell me that it was all completely the little girl’s idea. What 7 year old sits around thinking about how much she appreciates her teacher?? So precious!

One response to “thanks”

  1. One whose teacher is worthy of appreciation!


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