We are having a positively Delightful time on our third annual fourth of July trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law in upstate New York. (Sidenote… can I tell you how much fun it is to use “third” and “fourth” in the same sentence? SO much fun. That’s how much.) As a testament to how much fun we are having, I thought I would delineate the desserts we have had in the past 24 hours. Got that? Because that part is important. T-W-E-N-T-Y F-O-U-R H-O-U-R-S. Ok, here we go…

1. After eating enough Italian food for about 10 people and discussing how full we all were, Chris asked if we had any dessert at the house. So of course we stopped by the grocery store to get dessert. We purchased:

Peanut butter double-stuffed Oreos
coffee cake
sour cream cake

This has merely been an undercurrent to all the other dessert we have had in the past 24 hours, as we have all been enjoying these items at odd times during the day (and night).

2. We went to the farm today, which is probably my favorite place we’ve eaten because it is cheap and delicious and on a farm. Also pilots were practicing for the air show, so we got to see cool plane stunts. Also there were goats and donkeys and sheep. After I finished enjoying a ham and apple sandwich, deviled egg, and cup of Mexican meatball soup, we contemplated the dessert menu. Because we couldn’t agree on which dessert would be best or how much to order and because Jason said he was still starving, we settled on two dessert samples, naturally, each of which included 3 desserts. That’s right, we ordered 6 desserts. The waiter asked if we wanted Pepto Bismol with that. Sure sign that you are either (a) on vacation or (b) a fatty. I’ll go with the former. Thus we had:

German chocolate cheesecake (its excellence is obvious due to the number of adjectives in the name)
rice pudding
snickerdoodle pudding
brownie with ice cream
2 slices of peanut butter pie

3. After dinner at Phil’s Chicken House, which is a buffet, imagine our horror (oh the temptation!) and delight (hurray for more dessert!) when the waitress said, “And you know you get free dessert with the buffet, right? We have desserts over there and a whole slew of pies in the back.” The waitress actually used the word “slew” to describe the number of pies available to us. For free. I won’t go in to the story of my husband’s road trip which was dedicated to finding and sampling pie from different places across the country, but that said, you can imagine the unbearable temptation of free pie for anyone who would do such a thing. So we had:

real strawberry shortcake
chocolate cream pie
apple pie
green cool whip jello marshmallow stuff (what’s that called?)
some other cool whippy, fruity thing

So that is the conclusion of the desserts we have eaten thus far. In case you were worried that some of us (me) would pull the reins and try to get back to the weight loss thing (i.e., stop gaining weight and maybe drop 5 pounds), rest assured; we already have our dessert for tomorrow planned out. Thankfully, my aunt called just to ask us about what we wanted to eat tomorrow and if we would prefer plain, chocolate, or white chocolate cheesecake. It was hard for us to decide, probably because we have gotten used to “D. All of the Above.”

3 responses to “delightful”

  1. I wish I were there.


  2. hahaha! I love it! A sure sign that you guys are having a good holiday thus far!


  3. Dad- wish you were here too!! Had a great time with grammy and the aunts and uncles.Abigail- hehe thanks for your support ;0)


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