I have been praying for baby Nathanael and waiting for a guy to arrive to give a quote on a new AC. (Stick with me; the two actually are related.) I had walked Callie this morning and was postponing my shower until after Mr. AC was supposed to arrive at 9, and then another guy (for the sake of price comparison) was supposed to be coming at 11. I was getting more irritated by the minute as Mr. AC-the-first still hadn’t come by 10:15. I decided I better shower quickly to be ready for Mr. AC-the-second. I called Chris, who called the AC-the-first people, who told him that we were actually scheduled for him to come between 9 and 11. And they told Chris that Mr. AC-the-first was only 5 miles away, which was not so great since I had just gotten out of the shower. I tried to get ready speedily, continuing to feel perturbed.

Less than 10 minutes later, he finally arrived, apologizing for being late. “My wife went into premature labor and was in the hospital. We brought her out of the hospital yesterday and she’s ok; she’s just on bedrest now.”


That is the sound of me being knocked off my high horse by a ton of bricks. My biggest problem today has been figuring out when to shower while Mr. AC’s wife is dealing with the possible premature birth of her most precious treasure. How ironic that I was praying for my friend to carry her baby to full term in the same breath I was complaining about a small inconvenience due to someone else having to deal with the same issue. Just as I was praying for the logistics of my friend being in the hospital while her husband and family take care of her daughter, I had failed to extend grace to someone else who was dealing with the logistics of working while taking care of a bedridden, pregnant wife. I am humbled and reminded again that becoming irritated and annoyed with people and with minor inconveniences never pays. Rather, it blinds me to opportunities to extend a little grace to those who could use it. My quiet time takes a new shift this morning…

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.
–James 4:6

2 responses to “humbled”

  1. I just love your blog. 🙂 I have a friend that says to always be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles they are fighting… And, while nearly impossible to ALWAYS do, I really like it. I'll be praying for both babies and both mommies.


  2. Thank you! Your friend is so right; it's sometimes hard but important to remember. Thanks so much for your prayers and for the compliment!


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