the elusive tollway

I know that, since this is my first week of school and at a new school, to boot, I should probably be posting about school things. However, I just feel like I need to tell you about my adventures with my new commute. I have a new theory after my hour-long drive home today. I think that a group of people, evil people, created a mulititude of signs for the Dallas North Tollway and then went on a joy ride at midnight one night, putting the signs in random places all over the Park Cities area. They were clever because they put them on streets that correspond with exits from the tollway, but when one attempts to follow the signs to the tollway on cross-street after cross-street, the tollway is never actually forthcoming. This was my experience, at least. The only street that does, indeed, successfully lead one to the tollway is Mockingbird. Silly me for thinking it would be faster to take some other cross-street that is south of Mockingbird, closer to my school. Silly, silly me.

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