things that the dry Phoenix climate does

After spending a lovely Thanksgiving with my husband and in-laws in Phoenix, I am left to consider how much a three-hour plane ride can alter climate and affect life in general. This being my third trip to Phoenix, I do not cease to be intrigued by the impact of the dry climate on every-day situations. And so, I give you THINGS THAT THE DRY PHOENIX CLIMATE DOES:

1. Dry wet hair more quickly after one takes a shower.
2. Dries skin out. Although my skin often gets dry in the winter, Phoenix can do the same trick without even appealing to cool weather.
3. Give Chris nose-bleeds. His nose started bleeding. A lot. In-laws, in the infinite wisdom of ones who have spent many years in Phoenix, attributed it to the dry climate. Who knew?
4. Dry out and warp wood. Guitars, more specifically. Chris has a guitar that stays at his parents’ house and decided to take it to a music store to have one of the pegs fixed. Apparently, there was a lot more that needed to be fixed. The wood was becoming bowed in certain parts, which will require the bridge to be replaced and a humidifier sponge thingy to be put in the guitar so that it can soak up the moisture that guitars, apparently, require. Dry Climate foiled our plans again.
5. Produce happy babies. Ok, so this may be more of a correlation than a causation. Really I just wanted to throw in here that we saw the cutest baby on the planet, belonging to one of Chris’s best friends who went to TCU and then moved back to Phoenix. One can only hope to one day have babies as pleasant as this little laughing, giggling, happy baby boy!

One response to “things that the dry Phoenix climate does”

  1. aw thanks! Now I have to update my blog :)We had such a good time with y'all and Jacob enjoyed your company as well đŸ™‚


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