you have to check this out

A facebook friend posted this link to an incredible picture from Haiti. You HAVE to check it out.

After I marveled at the picture and the brief story, I remembered something remarkable. I mean absolutely miraculous as in only-my-God-could-do-this. Crazy, even. When we were in church this past Sunday, a girl (about my age… “woman” sounds too old and “girl” sounds too young) was leading the church in prayer for Haiti and it was so powerful. As we were praying, I felt like I should pray for a boy who needed help. Just imagine. We were praying for people–a whole country of people–I’ve never met, in a place I’ve never been, and I felt like the Holy Spirit was leading me to pray for one boy. I even had a name (which I don’t remember now). At the time, it seemed crazy and random, but what would the harm be in following the inner nudging I had to pray for someone who may or may not even exist? So I prayed. And then I saw this picture. And I can’t help but think that, crazy and unlikely as it sounds, this sounds EXACTLY like something my God would do. Regardless of whether or not my prayer had anything to do with it, praise God for saving this little darling.

2 responses to “you have to check this out”

  1. Oh, Linds. What an unspeakable miracle. And to know, that God nudged you to be a part of it all. And what a nightcap reading this blog is for me. I just left Beth Moore's church, 2 blocks away, and Beth's teaching was on Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Psalms, complete with 176 verses. All about the Psalmist letting us know, not only of the love of the Revelation of God, but the Psalmist's absolute delight in the fact that God would go out of His way to reveal His will for us – that He WILLS to reveal His will for us. And oh that we might seek, and listen. What a beautiful story, Lindsay Lee.


  2. I love it when God works like that — so specifically, leaving you no doubt that your brain wouldn't have invented that on its own.


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