no one ever tells you

…that when it is snowing and your car has accumulated several inches of snow, you should scrape off the TOP of the car, as well as avoid driving under trees. I’m not sure which of these is to blame for the ensuing turn of events, but I’m pretty sure this is the type of knowledge that only someone accustomed to driving in snow would possess. As I was driving home from school, a giant clump of snow fell on my windshield from I-don’t-know-where. It was heavy enough to make my windshield wipers quit working, which made my driving experience akin to driving in the rain without windshield wipers. I couldn’t see well, so I sat up as tall as I could, squinted, put on my hazard lights, and looked for a place to pull in, which did not occur as quickly as I would have liked. The problem with having a giant clump of snow on your windshield in the particular spot where it was on MY windshield is that when you finally find a CVS to pull into, you can’t really see anything to the right as you try to turn, so you must just hope and pray that no one is coming. No one was, thank the Lord (I say that with all sincerity!).

The other thing I learned about snow today is that you might look completely ridiculous, like raving-lunatic-ridiculous, as you stand on the doorway of your small SUV to scrape the 4-6 inches of snow off the roof, but you still have to do it because while you just don’t know for sure, you think that that might be where the giant clump of snow came from. So there I stood, on my car, relieving the windshield wipers from the cumbersome burden of snow, feeling my fingers freeze, and in that moment, I hated snow. And that is why we should not have had school today. Also because today is the day that the record for snow accumulation in Texas is about to be broken, and that just does not seem like a great day for having school, no matter how fun it is to watch your students play outside in more snow than they’ve ever seen in their 10 years of life.

2 responses to “no one ever tells you”

  1. The last thing my husband handed me this morning was a snow brush thing. I was so anxious when I left school this afternoon that I only wiped off the snow off the windows, the stuff on top kept falling down the window making it quite difficult.Snow should always be enjoyed from the comfort of your cozy home…enjoy your school free day tomorrow, I am!!!


  2. I'm really surprised that you still had school yesterday! I saw that Everman (my old school district) still had school too and was not as surprised (they NEVER closed it seemed). Anyway, they make GREAT long-handled brushes that you can use to scrape off snow from the windows and the roof, and I have been using it nearly every time I drive since late November. You wouldn't expect that you'd need one down there though since usually snow is actually in ice form (and doesn't act like snow) or just for the plain fact that not much snow accumulates on things and you don't usually need to leave the house when it does.


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