it's a wonderful life

I’m sitting here in my cozy little house, just reflecting on this wonderful life. I got to spend some very over-due one-on-one time with my sister this weekend when we rode to Mom and Dad’s together to go to a Beth Moore simulcast with Mom in Austin, which was fabulous (the time with sis and Mom and with Beth Moore). I’m still chugging along through the book that goes with the simulcast, but I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it:

Also got to see my granddad and my cousin, with whom I’m enjoying the pleasure of becoming re-acquainted after many years of not seeing much of him, now that he’s living in Austin. I missed my sweet husband and puppy terribly but had one of those rare jewels of a weekend when I got good quality time with several people (parents, sister, granddad, and cousin) over a short period of time. I got to enjoy the drive back with my sister on this beautiful sunny day and then came home to my darling and our puppy and a clean house (yes, you heard me… my husband DID vacuum and clean up the house, AFTER working most of the day yesterday and part of the day today, and BEFORE mowing the lawn! I didn’t make him do it, I promise. He really is just that unbelievably wonderful.).

I have fallen into a routine on Sunday afternoons/early evenings of cooking dinner and making some kind of lunch entree that will last for a good part of the week, so I enjoyed cooking and chopping and washing dishes with the kitchen window open, breeze blowing in, and Norah Jones playing. Spring is here, summer (and summer vacation) is approaching, Jesus loves me, and life is good.

2 responses to “it's a wonderful life”

  1. Well said, It sounds as though you had the best possible weekend!


  2. Love your blog! So glad you got to have such a special weekend with your family! We missed you! Thanks for sharing with us, you have wonderful insight from God!


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