sweatin to the oldies… again

I’ve decided I want–or need, depending on how honest we want to be here about my lack of in-shape-ness–to get a workout video and have been doing some research online to find one that would be good for me. I definitely have certain things I’m looking for in a workout dvd (weight loss, short workout, not too advanced, not too boring since I hate working out but like dancing, maybe something dance-y…). However, I can’t shake the fact that I keep coming back to Sweatin’ to the Oldies with good old Richard Simmons. I know, I know, it’s so terrible I can barely bring myself to say it, but it’s true. I actually feel a little nostalgic about it because it reminds me of when I was little and used to do it alongside my mom in our little living room in PA. Also, I love oldies and love the idea of working out to real music instead of some weird techno-keyboard substitute for music. Finally, there’s the cheesey factor. I picked up a dvd at the store to look at that was some kind of dance workout with jazz and swing dance moves, which is the type of dancing I love, but I kind of figured that since it’s a workout and not really a dance, it would just turn out seeming cheesey. On the other hand, when you combine 80’s sets and costumes with Richard Simmons and oldies music, you pretty much know it’ll be cheesey because it’s kind of SUPPOSED to be, which somehow makes it ok. And that is why I think I might order the Sweatin to the Oldies dvd.

Speaking of sweating to the oldies, Chris and I went for the third time to the senior center for swing dancing tonight. So much fun. We are such old people. In college, we went dancing pretty frequently, and after college, not very often, but we have gone a couple times to a place in downtown Dallas. When we discovered the dancing at the senior center, the live music for $5, close proximity to our house, and the fact that we don’t have to be out so late (I know, we’re such old people, but you already knew that because I just said we went dancing at the senior center) make it more appealing.

And the people are such fun. When we go to the place in Dallas, no one really knows the difference, but when we go to the senior center, people talk to us and smile and make conversation and remember us, which is nice. My best friend’s grandmother always goes, and so does one of our favorite neighbors, so we like to see them. We were tihnking about going some time recently and as we were trying to decide if we would go, I said to Chris, “This is really sad but I’m actually thinking I’d like to go but I don’t feel like being social,” to which Chris replied, with a smile, “I was actually thinking the same thing.” Did you catch that? Yeah we’re that cool.

I always somehow get roped in to doing the waterfall dance, which is when all the ladies get in a line and take turns dancing one time around the dance floor with each of the men. I like getting to dance with the men there, who are always sweet, but I always feel bad because there are so many more women than men. However, tonight Chris joined in too, so I felt like that balanced things out. As I stood in line waiting for my turn, I actually found myself thinking, “I hope I get to dance with one of the cute ones!” As I was thinking this, I spotted a darling older man who was tall and cute and wore a bright red button-down shirt. After a couple times around the floor with other people, I was delighted that I got a turn with Mr. Red Shirt. He said, “I don’t always know what my feet are going to do… sometimes it gets kind of silly!” Is that the cutest, most charming thing?? If you like dancing, you should go some time. Just don’t tell too many of your friends under 65 because I like the 2 to 50 ratio of young people to seniors ;0)

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