independence day is for puppies too

This morning I was reflecting on Independence Day and feeling thankful for our country. As I was getting ready, my thoughts turned to the neighborhood parade we are planning to attend. This will be our first Independence Day in the past four years when we weren’t with my brother and his wife in New York (bummer, but next time we see them it will be to see our first niece!), so we decided to check out the local patriotic scene. Every year my interest is piqued as I see my best friend gathering various shiny, red white and blue decorative items to don on herself, her husband, and their two dogs (Kate and Ella) for this parade, so finally we will get to see what it’s all about (pending the weather). Also, with the tiny new addition to her family, this promises to be even better than before.

Callie followed me about as I was getting ready for the day, so of course my thoughts turned from Independence Day to my adorable puppy. She flopped over on her back as an invitation for me to rub her belly. I like to give her some advance notice when we are going to take her somewhere, so I started with, “Callie! We’re going to a parade today! And you’re going to be so sweet to baby Mae… and all the other babies, right? And you’ll get to see your friends, Kate and Ella!” Then the teacher in me thought she should know what all the forthcoming hubbub is about, so I told her, “Callie! Tomorrow is Independence Day. That’s the day our country started.” Finally, to couch it in terms that would be relevant to her, I said thoughtfully, “I wonder how many other countries have laws protecting puppies?”

And there you have it. The O’Connor household is prepped and ready to go. Pictures to follow. Get excited.

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