God is so good to us, regardless of our circumstances, but sometimes it is easiest to see Him and to appreciate His goodness when He is very obviously at work in difficult circumstances, even to the point of performing miracles.

Timeline of our on-going miracle:
December 5th – We got a positive home pregnancy test (YAY!!!).

December 6th – Our excitement was immediately followed the next day by an ER visit for pain in my side, my pregnancy hormone level was very low, and the visit was basically inconclusive. I was surprised and disappointed that they couldn’t tell me right away whether or not I was having a miscarriage.

December 8th – follow-up doctor appointment, blood taken to measure pregnancy hormone again

December 9th – Results from the blood test showed the pregnancy hormone increasing.

December 12th – I started having some spotting.

December 14th – I went for my first official OB visit to the doctor. She decided to send me to get a last-minute sonogram before the hospital closed because of persisting symptoms. As we were leaving the sonogram place, the doctor called and said that it looked like I was having a miscarriage.

December 15th – After getting back some more blood results and because of my persisting symptoms, the doctor called and said she was concerned that I might have an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Since they couldn’t tell from the sonogram, she scheduled me for surgery for the 17th to either operate for an ectopic pregnancy or take care of a miscarriage.

December 16th – The nurse called and said that the doctor wanted to do a sonogram in her own office because she had been looking at my chart and everything wasn’t quite adding up. (This was the day before I was scheduled to have surgery.) She wondered if I could just be earlier in pregnancy than they had thought. I went for the sonogram and MIRACLE!!!!!!!——they saw a yolk sack and fetal pole, which meant that it was definitely not an ectopic pregnancy and therefore we could cancel surgery. The measurements from the sonogram put the pregnancy at a week or two earlier than they had thought. Another sonogram was scheduled for the following week since it was too early to see a heartbeat.

December 21st – MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!! We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!!!! No ectopic pregnancy and no miscarriage!!!! We were both in shock and so thrilled.

January (about a month later) – We had another ultrasound and one of the first things the lady said was that there was “lots of growth” since last time–music to our ears! We also got to hear the heartbeat again–beautiful sound!

February (another month later) – We went back and got to hear the heartbeat again. As I lay there listening to this little miracle inside me, I was completely amazed and so grateful. That little heartbeat is still the most wonderful, miraculous thing I have ever heard.

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  1. I am SO happy for you!!! 🙂 You're going to love being a Mommy! And I'm SO happy God turned around your situation to make it even more of a miracle. I'll be praying for continued happy news. 🙂


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