I thank our heavenly Father, giver of every good and perfect gift, every day for the miracle of our little daughter as she continues to grow and develop in the months leading up to her birth. However, unfortunately, I cannot spend all day thinking about her and about what a miracle she is, naturally, since there are so many other things vying for my attention. This isn’t a bad thing, since there are obviously other important and good things to think about and attend to, but she is probably my favorite thing to think about these days.

I’ve started feeling her tiny body moving just in the last couple of weeks, which is so cool for so many reasons. I love the reassurance that she is there, especially since the reality of her existence has taken a while to set in. I also love the reminder of her. When I get busy or stressed or preoccupied or frustrated with other things, sometimes in the middle of those emotions, I’ll feel the little flutter that I’ve come to identify as her movement. Suddenly, everything else fades into the background as I am caught up in wonder and love for this tiny being who is still being knitted together fearfully and wonderfully. In these moments, I am filled with exceedingly great joy and gratitude for the gift of her life. In a connectedness I have never experienced with another human being before, I can honestly say to our little daughter, “It is good to be me here with you.”

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