I’ll just go ahead and say it: I’m a bit jealous of all the expectant mothers and fathers out there, many of whom have much more time until the birth of their baby than we currently have, who, when asked what the child’s name will be, can immediately give a response. “Grace!” “Taylor!” or whatever the name might be. How are they all so decided, so confident? And how did they come to this most difficult of decisions, landing on something they know they can stick with?

When we were starting to think seriously about having kids, I started thinking about names just for fun and wondered how we’d ever choose one. Then when we got pregnant, we had these marathon baby name conversations that would always leave us worn out so that, still undecided, we’d have to finally give up for the time being and resolve to come back to it later. One of the longest of these marathon conversations was during a drive to Austin. Looking back, this may not have been very fair play on my part since Chris couldn’t get away even if he wanted to. I can always tell he’s throwing in the towel when he starts throwing out things like “Reginald Buckworth III.” At least he’s pleasant in his frustration.

We have gone through baby name books, made lists, and talked the thing to death. We had a name we were both fairly settled on, but I get these waves of uncertainty. I thought maybe seeing the baby after she’s born would help us choose from among a few of our favorites, but what if it doesn’t? I’m afraid to commit for fear of getting home from the hospital and suddenly realizing we picked the wrong name. The first piece of information people will know about her when they are introduced to her. A major part of her identity. The thing that you say to distinguish her from everyone else. Our darling. How in the world is such a decision ever to be made??

2 responses to “nameless”

  1. I am confident you will pick the PERFECT name. I just know it. That being said, we felt the same way when we were trying to name Rebekah. We went to the hospital with two favorite names… unsure which she would be. And then we saw her. We knew she was a Rebekah. Maybe it'll be that way with you guys too? Take a list of favorites and decide when you see her. You don't even have to name her while you're still at the hospital. All will be well. 🙂


  2. If its any consolation, I really like the name that you guys are thinking about. After Laela was born, it seemed very strange that we had picked the name for this person that they would go by for the rest of their life. I actually felt weird calling her that, and tended to go with “the baby” at first. But, I've always felt that way about my pets too after I've named them, so there you go haha. I really don't know if Laela looked or seemed like a Laela when she was born, but she became a Laela with time. I just wish people didn't think she was named after the Eric Clapton song, and that Grace wasn't so popular as a middle name. It was funny because I had spent so many years thinking about what I wanted to name my future children, and in the end the decision was very easy. We probably won't be so lucky with future children though…


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