reflections on Embody Love Movement

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an Embody Love Movement workshop. It was better, more intense, and more personalized than I had expected.

At the beginning, as we established ground rules that would help us feel safe sharing and being vulnerable, I already knew I was in trouble. What will I have to share and be vulnerable about?I wondered. Thankfully, the other women who attended summoned up the courage to do the hard work of sharing and being vulnerable as they confronted the negative self-talk that we all seem to battle.  Their vulnerability and courage made me feel safer, though it was still challenging.

We talked about body image and the effects of culture and the media on how we view ourselves as women, as well as the negative messages we tell ourselves when we look into the mirror. We also talked about how to turn those negative messages into positive, true, empowering messages about who we are as women, not just what we look like.

The workshop tied in perfectly with what I have been learning about shame and vulnerability. The messages we tell ourselves often stem from a lie that runs rampant: “I’m not _____ enough,” or put more simply, “I am not enough.” In her book Daring Greatly, Brene Brown asserts that the feeling of “not enough” is at the very heart of shame. The workshop provided practice for me in living in what Brown calls “wholeheartedness.”

As I left, feeling drained but filled, I invited God into my thoughts and thanked Him for taking me through an exercise that provided practical application for the truths He has been teaching me. I am amazed over and over again at where He is taking me on this journey that was (and is) clearly His idea.

I will close with my personal reflection–a sort of manifesto–on shame and vulnerability.

I am beloved. I am enough.

My weakness opens me to compassion, awareness, vulnerability, and growth.

My body is beautiful and powerful, carrying out all the beauty my heart and mind want to act upon.

My vulnerability is brave, regardless of the outcome.

I need the support of others who love me and also need my support.

Healthy boundaries help me to keep out the bad and let in the good.

God is glorified in me and in my life and growth.

4 responses to “reflections on Embody Love Movement”

  1. I love this line of yours especially: “My weakness opens me to compassion, awareness, vulnerability, and growth.” This is such truth! God has used my weaknesses in these ways, and I'm thankful.Heather


  2. In my 15 year walk with God, He has led me again and again to how my perception of myself and my worth, most specifically in terms of my beauty, directly reflect on my relationship with him. Thank you for this post.


  3. So glad that you share your journey so that others can relate and be inspired!


  4. Thank you! It's something that I probably would have easily agreed with years ago but am having to learn how to really believe it deep down!


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