9 Invitations for Expansion
Part 3: Body
(Enneagram 8, 9, 1)

The Enneagram is a tool that can help us identify the specific ways we have zeroed in on a small portion of reality and provides pathways for expanding our perspective. This helps us to connect more fully and deeply with others, ourselves, and the Divine. Here are just a few invitations for expansion.

Enneagram 8s – Attunement
When you notice yourself feeling bored, this is an invitation to be curious about whether you are experiencing a vulnerable feeling. What are you feeling in your body right now? What happens if you stay with that sensation for just this moment?
Enneagram 9s – Passion
When you notice yourself merging with others, this is an invitation to consider that your desires matter as much as anyone else’s. What desires have you fallen asleep to in order to keep the peace? How might this be disrupting your inner peace?

Enneagram 1s – Creativity
When you notice yourself correcting (verbally or in your mind) what someone is doing, this is an invitation to consider that there are many valid ways of being in the world, including yours and others’. Try approaching the other person’s way of doing things with curiosity instead of judgment.

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