#momand : Amanda Hill, mom & business owner

What a joy to introduce you to Amanda Hill, #momand business owner of Three Box Strategic Communications! Amanda and her husband Erik have two sons: 5-year-old Reed and almost-2-year-old Beau. They love living in the town where Amanda grew up and are surrounded by neighbors and church friends who love them well.

Amanda says she always wanted to be a mom. She describes her family of origin as “filled to the brim with life – work, play, made-up songs, and over-the-top celebrations.” Motherhood came naturally to her, and she loves different parts of each stage of parenting alongside her husband. She acknowledges that while parenthood is an overwhelmingly joyful experience, it can also be simply overwhelming. She describes the self-imposed pressure of people-pleasing and attempting to present the appearance of an idyllic family life. 

As a mother, Amanda is most proud when her children love and include others through kind gestures, hugs at just the right moment, and acts of compassion. She measures her success as a parent by her children’s knowledge of Jesus and the demonstration of His love for others. She tells the story of a time when she and her son Reed were driving to Reed’s preschool in Dallas. Their route takes them by way of an overpass where several homeless people stay. One day, Reed’s question about why people were standing outside led to a conversation about homelessness. Though, like many adults, Amanda had accepted homelessness as a reality, Reed couldn’t conceive of the fact that some people don’t have a safe, warm place to sleep every night. He said, “Momma, we have room at our house. They can come live with us!” Amanda was touched by his generous heart. She seized the opportunity to talk with him about practical ways they can help because Jesus tells us to care for others. She believes that these small moments can have a big impact on children.

Amanda’s career is in marketing and public relations. A few days before Beau was born, Amanda bought a Dallas-based public relations business that was founded by her father. She loves the challenge and excitement of working in a place where every day is different. This dream job is a perfect fit for her extroverted personality as she gets to talk with people, solve problems, and seize opportunities. Her passion is running and growing a business, complete with the challenges of a frenetic pace, high expectations, and the ever-present risk of failure. She’s working on learning how to pursue excellence without letting it run her life. As a professional, Amanda is proud to own and run her business and to carry on her dad’s legacy. She loves being able to shape the direction of the business and the impact they can have on the world through the work they do. 

Amanda is passionate about encouraging other working moms and is grateful for her mom, who was an incredible role model. Amanda’s mom demonstrated that a woman can invest in her career and in her family simultaneously, which is what Amanda aspires to model for her sons. Though it is difficult, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Amanda says that despite the challenges of missing some of her sons’ school events and having to travel for work, in the end, her family gets a well-rounded, happier mom who serves them and others well. 

Before Amanda became a mom, work was her top priority, and she worried a lot about other people’s opinions. She says she believed that she had more control than she did. Becoming a mom has helped her to approach life with a broader perspective in which the details are less important and she can use mental energy more wisely. She adds, “I still struggle here, so let’s not pretend that I have it mastered. I’m definitely better than I was and more quickly shift to what matters, but the temptation to please people over what’s best for me and my family is a persistent beast.”

When asked what encouragement she would offer to other working moms, Amanda says, “You can do it! It’s a lie, though, that you can ‘have it all’ in the traditional sense. Each day presents choices, and oftentimes they directly conflict.” She gives the example of when her kindergartner recently went on a class field trip and she was not able to attend because she had an important meeting with a professional mentor who was visiting from out of town. The meeting was life-giving and encouraging for her team, and though she was sad to miss the field trip, she was grateful for a mom friend who chaperoned the trip and sent pictures. She loved hearing all about how much fun Reed had on the trip. She acknowledges that these are hard choices, but all parents have hard choices regardless of their circumstances. She advises moms to step back and look at the big picture and make balanced decisions. “You’ll give more to work on some days and more to your family on others. You’re in it for the long game. In the end, your children will remember you bringing them lunch at school and also working hard to build a career and provide for their future.”

You can find out more about Amanda’s business at https://www.threeboxstrategic.com

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  1. Thank you for introducing us to Amanda!


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