The Enneagram and Respite: 9 Invitations to Rest

Accessibility description: a close up of bright pink flowers with text that says “The Enneagram & Respite: 9 Invitations to Rest”

Everyone I know is exhausted. We are all tired, but perhaps rest can bring different benefits based on our particular personalities. I wanted to share these nine Enneagram number-specific invitations to rest that can be used as meditations. Peace be with you.

Rest & hear the truer voice call you “good.”

Rest & see how helping yourself helps those you love.

Rest & know your worth apart from accomplishing & achieving.

Rest & feel how deeply known & cherished you are.

Rest & realize only open hands can receive.

Rest & listen for the deep inner knowing that was drowned out in all the noise.

Rest & find the abundance in this moment.

Rest & ponder the value of your holy limitations.

Rest & know Love is ever-present to your presence.

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