Dear friend,
Sometimes, feeling “stuck”
is a holy invitation to get still 
& quiet as you surrender & allow 
the birth of something beautiful.
– 🖤-

Three and a half weeks before my firstborn child was due to arrive, I spent the day on the couch. We were deep into the month of July in one of the hottest Texas summers on record. I had finished up my last year of teaching, knowing I would not return in the fall, and had nothing to do but prepare for this baby.

Lazy, I thought. Why am I so lazy today? 

I couldn’t seem to make my body get up to get anything done. Little did I know, my body was doing plenty as I lounged on the couch that hot summer day. It was preparing to give birth that very night to our miracle baby, the one the doctor had said I had miscarried just over six months before.

I’m slowly learning that as a woman, the natural rhythms in my physical body carry wisdom. If wisdom involves practical application of knowledge, my body applies divine mysteries long before my head can catch on to what is happening. I find it interesting that the personification of wisdom is feminine.

Our Creator made us in the Divine image, and we are like our Maker when we create. Sometimes, in the process of creating, we get stuck, for any number of reasons. Sometimes we find ways to get unstuck, but other times, we must simply allow a thing to be birthed according to its own natural timeline. I don’t mean to negate the mundane, hard work that is necessary in the process of creating. However, sometimes a lack of energy and motivation for productivity might actually be a gentle invitation to surrender and allow the birth of something beautiful that already exists, wholly in its own right. If we will allow, it may even use us as its conduit.

If you find yourself lying on the couch—literally or metaphorically—and wondering why you are feeling so tired and unproductive, let yourself get quiet and still. Watch for signs of coming birth pangs and prepare to behold the mystery of new life.

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