9 Invitations for Expansion: Part 2: Heart (Enneagram 2, 3, 4)

9 Invitations for Expansion
Part 2: Heart
(Enneagram 2, 3, 4)

The Enneagram is a tool that can help us identify the specific ways we have zeroed in on a small portion of reality and provides pathways for expanding our perspective. This helps us to connect more fully and deeply with others, ourselves, and the Divine. Here are just a few invitations for expansion.

Enneagram 2s – Belovedness
When you notice yourself rushing to meet someone else’s needs, this is an invitation to consider that you may be responding to your own need to be loved, not just appreciated. Who loves you for being you, apart from what you can do for them? Picture their face(s) in your mind.

Enneagram 3s – Intimacy
When you notice yourself spinning something to reflect well on you & your accomplishments, this is an invitation to acknowledge how your focus on achieving prevents the connection you crave with others because it’s a distraction from your true self. In this moment, who loves you for who you are, apart from what you achieve?

Enneagram 4s – Contentment
When you notice yourself avoiding mundane tasks, this is an invitation to pause & notice the holiness of this present, ordinary moment. How can you find & honor the beauty hiding in everyday life and ordinary people?

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