a prayer for women OR a blessing for dissident daughters

a prayer for women
a blessing for dissident daughters

Today I’m holding women close in my heart. I have a prayer to share for us all but would also be honored to pray for you specifically if you would like. Just comment or send a DM. A prayer for us all:

God our Mother, hold and tend to us all. Nurture us and fill our emptiness. Be the midwife to the beauty we are birthing. Show us what we should do and how we can do it together. Let us find joy, rest, and beauty in creating.

Help us to see ourselves in You and You in us and in each other. Be with us as we experience the growing pains of expanding & help us delight in the beauty of the stretch marks—ours and each other’s.

Let us laugh and learn to dance with our anxiety and give compassionate attention to our pain. Tend to our wounds so that we may keep our hearts as soft as they are strong. Bless our mothers, sisters, aunties, and daughters.
We are so tired. Let us find rest and refreshing in body, mind, and spirit. Heal us & let us be agents of healing, for the flourishing of us all. Amen. 

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