manifesto for the beloved

I am loved,
apart from anything I
do or don’t do,
think or don’t think,
believe or don’t believe,
feel or don’t feel.
In this moment,
I am held in Love,
just as I am.

My weakness opens me to:
and growth.
I am always becoming.

My body is wise & good,
carrying out the beauty my
heart & mind want to act upon.
She holds unmatched wisdom about
who I am & what I need.
I honor my limits as holy reminders
that I am finite,
invited into interdependence,
& not meant to carry it all alone.
I need the support of others
who love me & also need my support.

My vulnerability is brave,
regardless of the outcome.
It allows me to connect
with integrity & authenticity.
My feelings & pain are
wise messengers,
worthy of compassionate
attention & curiosity.

My unconditional, unchanging
belovedness means
I can take an honest inventory of
how I have loved well
& how I have dishonored
the belovedness of myself and others.
Repair & restoration—not perfection—
pave the way for healing & flourishing.

Healthy boundaries help me
keep out the bad & let in the good
so I can honor myself & others
as beloved bearers of God’s image.

In this moment,
I am loved,
I am whole,
& I am free.

a manifesto for the beloved

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